This Half Term – 6th June – 21st July 2022

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely break and enjoyed lots of Jubilee celebrations!

Dinosaurs are coming to Little Owls! Dinosaurs are a huge interest to many of our Little Owls, so the team are excited to plan lots of dinosaur themed activities for our first week back! A dinosaur swamp, a dinosaur dig and some dinosaur dancing are just some of the things planned so far.

We are also excited to welcome some duckling eggs that we will care for and hope to see hatch before they go off to their new home with the Rix family.

Our Community and Us – The children lead their own learning, so we never know where this will take us and everyday can be very different, but this half term we plan to explore our community. Places, people and buildings give us so many learning opportunities. We definitely have a trip to the post box planned as we need to send our letter and pictures of our celebrations to the Queen. Making maps is always popular, we always end up hunting for treasure and we usually find some! Building our houses will get our Little Owls planning and thinking about the resources they can use and how they will use them.

The 13th June sees the start of healthy eating week, as always we will continue to promote healthy eating with our Little Owls and the importance of a healthy varied diet and how this supports good oral health and visiting the dentist.

There are lots of people that help us within our community – dentists, doctors, vets, teachers, postal workers and many more. Hopefully, we will have visits from some of our emergency services (as long as they are not too busy!) to talk about what they do and how they help us – flashing lights and sirens are always fun too!

For all of our Little Owls, the team will continue to support them in their independence and resilience, especially those Little Owls that are preparing for their transition to school in September. Over the next few weeks we will have some teachers visiting, some children may have transition sessions in their new schools and as always we are available for support and to answer questions, not only ones that the children might have but their families too.

We really do value your support at home, please continue to read with your children, it doesn’t have to be books linked to topic, it can be any book that you can enjoy together. Everyday tasks can be a learning opportunity too – getting themselves dressed, putting their own shoes or coat on, sorting the washing, matching socks, a trip to the supermarket – writing a list, looking at logos and price tickets and choosing a healthy balanced diet to eat – maybe try eating a rainbow (see picture below) or a trip to the park, which includes climbing and taking risks. The learning opportunities are endless!

If you would like any ideas, please speak to one of the team, we are always happy to offer some suggestions

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