This Half Term – 19th April – 27th May 2022

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a lovely Easter beak.

See how we grow!

Over this half term we will immerse ourselves in a variety of lifecycles and looking after our bodies. We love this topic, as it gives us so much to see and discuss. We will continue to care for the plants and potatoes that we have already planted and we hope you will share the progress of your sweet peas with us. I’m sure there will be lots more planting taking place. We love to plant cress and watch its rapid growth. It’s also fascinating to watch Jack’s beanstalk grow in a glass jar so we can see the roots twist and turn. Hopefully, we will again have some frogspawn and later in the term we will be closely monitoring the hatching of some ducklings!

We will of course not forgot how we grow and the importance of a healthy body and mind. Healthy eating, oral hygiene and Yoga are all activities that will be on our planning. We are currently trying to create a large set of teeth to be cleaned, we are hoping they are ready!

We will be sharing so many of our favourite stories, Some Dogs Do, Smartest Giant in Town, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Colour Monster and of course The Very Hungry Caterpillar to name a few!

There will be lots of seasonal changes to observe during our forest school sessions and as we learn about managing risks, we hope to include more tools and possibly learn some whittling skills.

Some of our little owls and their families will be finding out about their primary school places this month. As we talk more about starting school everyone will be feeling a range of different emotions, we will give our little owls the opportunity to explore these emotions. We also want to let our families know we are always here for a chat, support or reassurance for you to, just ask.

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