This Half Term – 19th April – 27th May 2022

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a lovely Easter beak.

See how we grow!

Over this half term we will immerse ourselves in a variety of lifecycles and looking after our bodies. We love this topic, as it gives us so much to see and discuss. We will continue to care for the plants and potatoes that we have already planted and we hope you will share the progress of your sweet peas with us. I’m sure there will be lots more planting taking place. We love to plant cress and watch its rapid growth. It’s also fascinating to watch Jack’s beanstalk grow in a glass jar so we can see the roots twist and turn. Hopefully, we will again have some frogspawn and later in the term we will be closely monitoring the hatching of some ducklings!

We will of course not forgot how we grow and the importance of a healthy body and mind. Healthy eating, oral hygiene and Yoga are all activities that will be on our planning. We are currently trying to create a large set of teeth to be cleaned, we are hoping they are ready!

We will be sharing so many of our favourite stories, Some Dogs Do, Smartest Giant in Town, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Colour Monster and of course The Very Hungry Caterpillar to name a few!

There will be lots of seasonal changes to observe during our forest school sessions and as we learn about managing risks, we hope to include more tools and possibly learn some whittling skills.

Some of our little owls and their families will be finding out about their primary school places this month. As we talk more about starting school everyone will be feeling a range of different emotions, we will give our little owls the opportunity to explore these emotions. We also want to let our families know we are always here for a chat, support or reassurance for you to, just ask.

This Half Term – 21st February to 25th March

We hope you all had a lovely half term break!

During this half term we will be exploring traditional and familiar stories and nursery rhymes.

We can create the houses for the 3 little pigs, mix porridge for the three bears , cut out our own paper dolls or create a map for what the ladybird heard. We can wash Incy out of the water spout, make Miss Polly’s dolly better and I’m sure baking gingerbread men will be a popular activity.

With so many lovely books and rhymes to choose from our learning opportunities are endless.

We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday, 3rd March. Everyone is welcome to dress up as their favourite book/character (I’m sure there will be some staff costumes too!)

Reading together has so many benefits – expanding vocabulary, developing understanding, increasing self confidence and supporting children to gain a wealth of knowledge. It can also ignite creativity, spark curiosity and stimulate the imagination, this will lead to so many other areas of learning and development. Nursery rhymes provide the children with a fun opportunity to start to hear the rhythm and sounds in words, a great early literacy skill.

At the end of the term there is a special date we will be preparing for, but until then it will remain a secret!

Our door is always open, just ask if you’d like to speak to one of the team.

This Half Term – 4th January to 11th February

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a lovely break and look forward to hearing all the exciting things you have been up to, your traditions, celebrations and of course if Father Christmas came!

This half term we would like to look at some different countries around the world and how they celebrate different occasions. Markar Sankranti – a Hindu festival, Australia Day, Chinese New Year – the year of the Tiger and Valentine’s Day all fall within the first half term.

We can mark make maps, flags and study the globe. We hope to try some new foods and part of the Markar Sankranti celebration is a festival of kites, so we will enjoy making our very own and seeing if we can get them to fly!

We have some lovely new books about religion, cultures, diversity and the world, which will really enhance our learning opportunities.

As always, our learning is led by the children and their interests, so we never know where this will take us and everyday can be very different.

We really do value your support at home. Please continue to read with your children, it doesn’t have to be books linked to topic, it can be any book that you can enjoy together. Please remember everyday tasks can be a learning opportunity too – getting themselves dressed, putting on their own shoes or coat, sorting the washing, matching socks, a trip to the supermarket (writing a list, looking at logos and price tickets, eating a healthy balanced diet) or a trip to the park (climbing, taking risks). The learning opportunities are endless! If you would like any ideas, please speak to one of the team, we are always happy to offer some suggestions.

Just a little reminder, if your Little Owl is due to start primary school in September 2022, applications need to be made by 15th January.

This Half Term – 1st November to 17th December

We are starting this half term with our Ready, Steady, Listen event and book fair. Please do get involved, the more sponsorship and books listened to, the more wonderful Usborne books can be added to our bookshelves.

As firework night is a few days away, the children will be keen to share their firework experiences and we will be talking about safety around fireworks. In preschool the children will be creating some lovely sparkly craft. We will also be listening to some firework inspired music and seeing how we can move to this music. We will also be exploring the festival of Diwali, telling the story of Rama and Sita and even making our very own diva lamps.

As the season starts to change around us we will be observing how the trees change and the changes in the weather. We will still have a few more weeks of conker collecting from our tree, so we will be weighing them, counting them, sorting them, painting them, cooking them. You may even find a few coat pockets full of them, where the child wish to take them home!

As we start December the festive fun will commence and the Little Owls team are usually more excited than the children! We will be busy writing letters and Christmas cards, making decorations, singing songs, reading lots of Christmas stories and even helping Father Christmas to wrap some presents.

Following our children’s interests means we don’t always know where our learning will take us, but we do know it will always be fun!

We really do value your support at home, please continue to read with your children, it doesn’t need to be a book linked to a topic, it can just be a book that you can enjoy together. Please remember everyday tasks can be a learning opportunity – getting themselves dressed, putting on their own coat or shoes, helping you to sort the washing, matching up those socks! A trip to the supermarket can bring lots of learning opportunities – writing a list, looking for logos, price tickets, choosing a healthy balanced diet. A trip to the park – climbing, balancing, learning to take risks.

The learning opportunities are endless!

If you would like any ideas, please speak to one of the team, we are always happy to offer some suggestions.

This half term 6th September to 22nd October

This half term we will PLAY!

The Little Owls Team will be getting to know our new Little Owls and continuing to build on the relationships of those that have already started their journey with us through play and having fun.

We will be painting, drawing, getting messy with gloop, water or mud, maybe all three!

We will be singing, rhyming, reading, dancing and role playing!

We will be running, jumping, climbing, building and creating!

We will laugh, we might cry, we might even be a little scared but we will be doing it together!

At home continue to read together – it has so many benefits. It doesn’t have to stop there either, use puppets to retell a favourite story, make up your own or dress up and act it out. Back and forth conversations also have so many benefits, so keep answering those WHY? questions and if you don’t know the answer, find out together. When you are out and about what can you see or hear? There are so many sights and sounds in the community.

As always our door is always open for our families. If you need any support, advice or just a catch up with someone, please just ask.