This Half Term – 1st November to 17th December

We are starting this half term with our Ready, Steady, Listen event and book fair. Please do get involved, the more sponsorship and books listened to, the more wonderful Usborne books can be added to our bookshelves.

As firework night is a few days away, the children will be keen to share their firework experiences and we will be talking about safety around fireworks. In preschool the children will be creating some lovely sparkly craft. We will also be listening to some firework inspired music and seeing how we can move to this music. We will also be exploring the festival of Diwali, telling the story of Rama and Sita and even making our very own diva lamps.

As the season starts to change around us we will be observing how the trees change and the changes in the weather. We will still have a few more weeks of conker collecting from our tree, so we will be weighing them, counting them, sorting them, painting them, cooking them. You may even find a few coat pockets full of them, where the child wish to take them home!

As we start December the festive fun will commence and the Little Owls team are usually more excited than the children! We will be busy writing letters and Christmas cards, making decorations, singing songs, reading lots of Christmas stories and even helping Father Christmas to wrap some presents.

Following our children’s interests means we don’t always know where our learning will take us, but we do know it will always be fun!

We really do value your support at home, please continue to read with your children, it doesn’t need to be a book linked to a topic, it can just be a book that you can enjoy together. Please remember everyday tasks can be a learning opportunity – getting themselves dressed, putting on their own coat or shoes, helping you to sort the washing, matching up those socks! A trip to the supermarket can bring lots of learning opportunities – writing a list, looking for logos, price tickets, choosing a healthy balanced diet. A trip to the park – climbing, balancing, learning to take risks.

The learning opportunities are endless!

If you would like any ideas, please speak to one of the team, we are always happy to offer some suggestions.

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