This half term 6th September to 22nd October

This half term we will PLAY!

The Little Owls Team will be getting to know our new Little Owls and continuing to build on the relationships of those that have already started their journey with us through play and having fun.

We will be painting, drawing, getting messy with gloop, water or mud, maybe all three!

We will be singing, rhyming, reading, dancing and role playing!

We will be running, jumping, climbing, building and creating!

We will laugh, we might cry, we might even be a little scared but we will be doing it together!

At home continue to read together – it has so many benefits. It doesn’t have to stop there either, use puppets to retell a favourite story, make up your own or dress up and act it out. Back and forth conversations also have so many benefits, so keep answering those WHY? questions and if you don’t know the answer, find out together. When you are out and about what can you see or hear? There are so many sights and sounds in the community.

As always our door is always open for our families. If you need any support, advice or just a catch up with someone, please just ask.

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