This half term – 22nd February to 26th March 2021

This half term we will be looking at “how things grow”. This will include babies and children, animals, plants, fruit and vegetables. We will be growing our own potatoes, growing beans in a jar or bag, measuring the children to see how much they grow over the next few weeks. Also we will be matching baby animals with their mummies and daddies! To support your children at home with the following books are great – The Hungry Caterpillar, Jack and the Beanstalk and Someone bigger. You can also look at baby photos and talk about the changes you see. Plant some seeds at home and watch them grown. Measure each family member to see who has grown the most!

4th March is World Book Day – come to preschool dressed as your favourite book character. What will the Little Owls ladies come dressed as?!

This leads us onto Science week – How exciting creating lots of experiments to create awe and wonder for the children. Circle time activities will be science based, along with magnetic painting, bath bombs, celery and food colouring experiments and how can we have science week without gloop and volcanoes! To help at home have a look at for some experiment ideas. Try making and mixing potions. Maybe even make some gloop with water and cornflour. Or get really creative and make a volcano with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Mother’s Day is 14th March – we will be making something special for special people.

We are also going to be looking at the weather. What a great subject, we love talking about this don’t we! We will be making rainmakers, windmills, window water cycles, wind chimes and sun catchers. Please ensure your children have appropriate outdoor clothing as we will also be looking at and creating paint blowing and bubbles. Stories you can share at home are Kipper’s Snowy Day, Percy the Park Keepers The day after the storm. Why not try getting dressed for different weather conditions, can you fly a kite? Make rainbows, find puddles and look at the reflections – what can you see? Then best of all jump in them!

This brings us almost to the end of the spring term and looking at Easter. We will be making cards for the children to send, Easter hats and crowns and also painting egg shapes made by a potato masher! We will be revisiting baby animals to see how they have grown and creating a spring farm scene for our wall. Are you going to have an Easter egg hunt at home – how many do you think you will find? Perhaps you could make some Easter cards at home and take them to the post box to post.

As advised on our term dates we are closed for a PD day on Thursday 25th March.

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